Matrons’ Dresses | Dedham, Mass.

The mother of the bride is one of the most important figures in each wedding. When brides come to our store to look for a dress they most often bring their mother with them to approve the dress they pick out. Many brides want to wear a wedding gown that appeals to their specific sense of style and when it clashes with what their mother may want them to wear, especially if modesty and fashion clash between them. When it comes to choosing a dress for herself, we find that most mothers want something more conservative that covers more of their body, than a number of their daughters do.

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A mother-of-the-bride gown is meant to be matronly and official. However, not all mothers are the same, and each bride’s mother has a different sense of style. Manhattan Bridals is unique in the New England area in that we carry a selection of gowns specifically for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom too. Every woman wants to look beautiful attending a wedding, and we facilitate that for you.

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